Our thanks to the speakers, Ilan Schifter and Richard Carey for capturing this footage. This is a partial selection of the sessions.

Mark W. Hansen, VP Product Development at Lego talks about their transition from a physical toy company to (soon) publishers of a 3D virtual world that will launch in 2009.

For more information visit Lego.com

Debra Lieberman, Ph.D talked about using interactive games to improve health knowledge, skills and behaviors this morning at the eighth annual Dust or Magic conference.

Health Games Research is an $8.25 million national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that is directed by Debra and supports research to enhance the quality and impact of interactive games used to improve health.

For more information visit Robert Woods Johnson Health Games Research Project here: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Games Research Project

Jason Krogh of zinc Roe, presents Zimmer Twins, a site where kids create endings to story starters. They may also create their own stories from scratch.

For more information visit : Zimmer Twins on qubo

Ken Kavanagh, president of Clicktoy Interactive presents his 3D open virtual environment for children.

For more information visit : Clicktoy Interactive - Home of Clicktoy The Meadow

Software MacKiev president, Jack Minsky, presents the features in HyperStudio 5.

Software MacKiev is a developer and publisher of consumer and educational software, including Kid Pix Deluxe 3X, The Print Shop 2, World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia, 3D Weather Globe & Atlas, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and three Dr. Seuss titles (ABC, Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat). In the education market, Software MacKiev also publishes the Cluefinders series and Edmark's Thinkin' Things.

For more information, please visit Software MacKiev - //HyperStudio// or The Software //MacKiev// Company .

Warren Buckleitner, Editor of Children's Technology Review, talks about how children's portable computing devices are changing childhood.

Warren specializes on the relationship between children (aged 0-to 15-years) and technology. He reviews new media products for a variety of publications, including Parents, the New York Times,Scholastic Parent & Child and Children’s Technology Review. He is a former public school teacher (preschool and elementary).

For more information visit: About Children's Technology Review

Tanya Van Court, Senior Vice President and General Manager, NOGGIN, ParentsConnect and Nick Jr.com, presents myNOGGIN.

myNOGGIN is an educational online subscription service by the creators of Nick Jr. and Noggin. It is designed for preschoolers through first graders.

For more information visit: myNOGGIN