Jeff Braun, Co-Founder, Maxis. Over 20 years ago, Jeff Braun had a $4000 computer and wanted to start a video game company. So he tapped into two magical ingredients: pizza and beer. One of the programmers who who showed up at Jeff's house had a game that "nobody liked." Find out who this programmer was, and why this event had such an important influence on the design of children's interactive media.

Caroline Hu Flexer had a busy, curious daughter who liked her toward her iPhone. "I wonder if we could make a better children's app?" Using her background in business and music and guided by the vision of keeping her daughter happy, she made one of the best-selling education apps for children in 2009. Listen as the Co-Founder of Duck Duck Moose Design tells her story. You learn that multitouch magic requires (a) the inspiration of a child, (b) an adept programmer, (c) some late nights, and (d) a sense of design. It also helps to know how the App store works. This app worked because it let the child drive the interaction, and not the other way around. There is no doubt that this is one of the best and first small screen implementations of the "pop-up" book of the 21st century.