Presentations from 2010 Dust or Magic

Carolyn Handler Miller's SEVEN KISSES OF DEATH

Jesse Schells Transmedia Worlds

David Kleeman's "Is A Screen a Screen a Screen"

Robin Raskin's Triumphs and Trainwrecks

Caroline Hu Flexer's "Duck Duck Moose Kids" -- Playing on the iPad / iPhone

Trying Very Hard to Make Games that Don't Stink: User Testing in the NMSU Learning Games Lab
Barbara Chamberlin

Barbara reviewed the work they've done in the Learning Games Lab over the past years in designing protocols for user testing. The Games Lab developers host learners in their target audience for 2-week sessions during the summer, and on holidays throughout the schoolyear. They train their "game lab consultants" in giving feedback, and have access for frequent testing. Barbara shared the underlying principles that guides their user testing, with recommendations on how they could be amended by others for testing, even in shorter sessions.

Mandeep Dhillon, CEO, Togetherville: "The Power of Social Media" slides, in PDF format