Dust or Magic AppCamp 2012 Archive Page

Where: Asilomar Conference Grounds in Monterey, CA

When: May 20-22, 2012

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Sunday May 20, 2012
1:00 PM
Merrill Hall
AppFest (free and public)
4:00 Start of the free afternoon lectures in Merrell Hall.
Welcome to AppFest! John Ittleson and Warren Buckleitner, Editor, Children's Technology Review
2012 "State of the App" Panel with Robin Raskin, Michel Kripalani, Caroline Hu Flexer, Lorraine Akemann, Reyne Rice, Bjorn Jeffery, and Carly Shuler. Moderated by David Kleeman.
Special Event. Theo Gray of Touch Press on the Alchemy of Multi-Touch Magic. Come and learn the inside story of apps like The Elements and Solar System; some of the first apps to mine the power of the iPad's potential. AppFest participants will depart following the Theo Gray Talk. Note that Theo will be departing early Monday morning, so get to know him on Sunday.

You might recall that last year's AppCamp start time coincided with the rapture. This year, we'll be in one of the only areas of the US where you will be able to see what is called an "annular solar eclipse" (it has been 18 years since the last event like this). We'll get a pretty good view, with 90% coverage in Monterey (see map below, or watch this animation). One cannot help but note that this rare celestial event will start during Theo Gray's talk. Hmmm.
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6:00 Dinner
Crocker Dining Hall: Seascape Room (toward the back)
End of AppFest, Start of AppCamp
Dinner and Introductions
Maximum Annualar Eclipse Time

NOTE Please make sure children don't look directly into the sun.
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Pacific Beach Walk and Eclipse Viewing & California Style Un-Digital Spirtual Cleansing (Mandatory for New Yorkers).
7:30 Evening fireside talk
Grand Challenges of App Design by Barbara Chamberlin, Director of the New Mexico State University Learning Lab

8:30-10 PM
Demos and fireside conversation.
Day 2, Monday, May 21, 2012

7:30 AM Crocker Dining Hall
Breakfast (We will start promptly at 8:30)
"Child Development 101 for the Designers of Children's Interactive Media" The 2012 edition crash course on child development. Make sure you have your handout packet.
Chris Crowell, CTR and Desmares Elementary. iPads go to Kindergarten.

AppDance An old-fashioned, midwesterner-friendly informal app discovery experience where mashup up traditional folk dancing with app exploration. Bring an app to share.

Nice Touch. A look at the some magic techniques used in app design that might be classified as "cool" or "innovative." These include virtual manipulative techniques, camera-based input, not touching, negative space, text scaffolding, sound and motion input, help systems, locking a preferences screen, and so on. Hosted by Daren Carstens who will do a case study on his own battle with nice touches.
Case Study: Toca Boca with CEO Björn Jeffery. “Toca Boca's Magical Recipe”


Laser Pointer
Laser Pointer

Demos. Using laser pointers, participants will evaluate each other's products in development and offer objective judgments about their prospects for success.
12:00 Noon
Lunch in the Dining Hall
Case Study: Oceanhouse Media with President Michel Kripalani

Case Study: Launchpad Toys by Thushan Amarasiriwardena and Andy Russell

Case Study: Melinda Thompson and Ingrid Moon, Disney Publishing -- The Making of Learn Chinese, plus Ingrid Moon on "Work and Play."


Child Panel

PART 1: A spontaneous discussion of current technology led by a group of live, breathing children, selected to represent a variety of developmental levels. Each has been asked to "show and tell" and bring their feelings about the latest apps. (Daren)
PART 2: Small group brainstorming with a child.
Thanks to Keli Winters of Evan-Moor

Case Study: Duck Duck Moose with Caroline Hu Flexer (how we made a few kids cry, so we could make a million kids smile).
Dinner and California Wines: Crocker Dining Hall
7:00 external image ismooresx800.jpg
Bonfire, S'mores and marshmallows (children of all ages welcome)
Sunset Group Photo (participation in all public photos is optional)

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Informal Evening Sessions

8:00 - 10:00
Apps, Wine and Conversation — Choose the topic you'd like to learn more about, or move from group to group. We will pick the topics and group leaders on site. Suggested topics.
Informal hands-on time with Apps for those less interested in being a hacker.
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Day 3: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7:00 AM
Breakfast Crocker Dining Hall.

Make sure you check out of your room.
Dust or Magic Talks. 16 Minute, YouTube-Friendly Talks With Q/A.

Note: All Dust or Magic talks are creative commons and will be posted you YouTube, pending speaker approval. They are like TED talks, without the frosting.

1. Warren Buckleitner, CTR. 2012 BolognaRagazzi Digital Winners. Why some won, why some lost; what the jurors were looking for.

2. Cynthia Nugent, Children's Author "Picturebook Theory for App Developers."

3. Mark Schlichting, President of NoodleWorks Interactive. Thinking Like a Kid: How We Brought Noodle Words to Life

4. Chip Donohue, TEC, Erikson Insitute. APPS 4 DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice)

5. Carly Shuler, Joan Ganz Cooney Center. "Findings from the iLearn Games Addendum."

7. Daren Carstens, Carsten's Studios "Empathy"

Lunch With Some Magic Makers Learn from veterans who have touched the magic and have lived to share their story. With Jeff Braun and friends.
Toast and Farewells
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Mark Schlichting starts the fire in the back of Merrill Hall