How to Do an Five Minute Demo/Critique at the Dust or Magic Institute

"Show first rather than talk; inform rather than sell"

STEP 1: Sign up. There will be a signup sheet in the room. Demos are done in the order of the list. ANYONE IS WELCOME TO SHOW ANYTHING. Just be prepared for the feedback (see Step 4).

STEP 2: Check your hardware. We'll have projectors, a computer, debug hardware, a DVD player and a wireless Internet connection. We'll also have a camera for close-up views of small screens or printed copy. If you feel uncomfortable about the setup, please see Daren or Warren.

STEP 3: When you're on-deck, get your product or presentation ready to go. Check sound levels and make sure the graphics are working correctly. There's always a spare projector if you need one. The idea is that we switch over the sound and graphic input to you, and you're ready. If you're showing an MMO or web-dependent site, there's always a chance for a delay. You may want to have an archived copy just in case.

STEP 4: Doing the demo. Show the features right away to pull in the group into what your product does. We use a countdown timer. Some of the best demos start silently, or with the simple words "Have a look..." After you let the group EXPERIENCE the product, then you can provide the back story and/or nuts and bolts of the product. Also, don't sell with how many millions of web hits you get, or dollars you'll make. Let the product features do the talking.

STEP 5: Choose your level of feedback. We'll ask you to choose the type of feedback you'll need, from the following:
a) no feedback.
b) general verbal feedback, with no ratings
c) ratings, plus verbal feedback.
To rate products, we give each participant a laser pointer. They aim the pointer at on a likert scale to provide a general numerical rating.

We try our best to make sure this is a comfortable, constructive process for everyone.