Demo Board -- Advance Notes for attendees of 2013 Institute in Lambertville

Are you planning on doing a demo at Dust or Magic 2013? Here's where you can do some advance thinking.
Remember -- this is a public page.

Product name and publisher
Questions you'd pose to the group
SAMPLE -- CTR Weekly: 3 Noteworthy Apps for Children
Children's Technology Review
1. is it a good idea?
2. How much should we charge for 12 month subscription?
3. Suggestions for improvement?
4. We send at 6 AM each week on Wednesday. Best time?
<My Family Counting Book> and <Alphabet Blocks> (in development),
by Learning Touch
Suggestions for improvement...
>Can we improve our storytelling?
>Which app features have to be in v.1 versus updates?
>Are the games as absorbing as they can be?
>Is the UI as clear and inviting as it can be?
Gorilla Band by Wasabi Productions
- Limitations of a traditional 'book' title page - how can we improve it?
- Would you click on the menus? Issue of missed key content
- Does the 3D aesthetic draw you in more?
- Thoughts on 'delay interactions' feature
Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds by 360KID
(link to video overview:
I would be interested in hearing from the group...
  • Thoughts about the speech recognition component of the game play
  • Thoughts on the level of engagement
  • Thoughts on the amount of content (which might be a challenge to show all of the content in 8 minutes or less)
Phonics: Fun on Farm by 22learn (in development)
  1. The app is composed of 12 mini games that teach skills that mostly build upon each other. Should we have children progressively unlock each game or should all the games be unlocked by default?
  2. How to best motivate children to complete all games? (We plan to embed a stickers activity where children grow their own farm and receive moving “stickers” for each game completed — is it good enough/does it not detract from the joy of learning mastery?)
  3. Thoughts on our learning sequence