Adaptive Tech and Assistive

Construct ---
Cognitive or Both

Adaptive is listening and feedback
Insure that device you come up with
an adaptive crutch would adjust its own height --

Motion -
touch screen
speech and voice recognition

Special ed community -- feedback gyroscope or system to provide feedback on how to walk better

GPS -- anticipating the terrain -- you're about to hit a hill
Virtual world as rehearsal space ---
Sensor that shows level and tilt -- to teach "the eating" game

environment is aware of you

screenless screen
clothing with LCD screen
Cuff -
Telemedicine --- cuffs and motion
real time feedback that levels
how can you turn things from assistive device and upgrade
wheelchair -- one hand that's stronger than other could compensate
sense the terrain

test question -- if what the next question of the test can lead to the next one

sign language -- touch screen,
sensory stimulation of the brain to give sight
wiring your home for hearing --- no hearing aid
adaptive elevator -- braille buttons, chimes, display screen, saying it aloud
vest that inflates when you're about to fall --- hbuman airbag

--- Wikipedia link for adaptive

Anti lock and anti skid circuitry --- adaptive technolgy

telepresecense and telemedicine

adaptive technology to shopping -- auto-fit

motion sensors coupled with