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If you have an interest in children's interactive media (IM), this is the place for you. This wiki is designed to accompany the Dust or Magic Institute, held each fall on the first Sunday of November, in Lambertville, NJ, and also Dust or Magic AppCamp, held each May in Monterey, CA. Please help us edit these pages and build the wiki.

Don't sell or be evil -- Picky Teacher has sharp eyes.

Participants of AppCamp 2011, at the Asilomar Conference Center

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Old (Vintage) Stuff

Dust or Magic AppCamp is now history! Thanks for everyone who came!
2007 Dust or Magic notes
The first ever Dust or Magic AppCamp generated some interesting videos.
Here is Robin and Reyne's AppCamp 2010 presentation as a PDF (in Google Docs) how to get pr:
Dust or Magic 2009 Presentation by Caroline Wu Flexer, Co-Founder, Duck Duck Moose Design
Instructions on Giving Instructions.
Does your product suffer from TV-writer disease? Visit Dr. Strommen for the cure, or read this paper (a PDF download) that he wrote in 1991.
Design Tips: See the Incremental Reinforcement Technique, implemented nicely by Sarah Daniels and Mickelle Weary (Dust or Magic graduates).

Institute and Wiki Guidelines

• Please disclose your identity and/or bias. It helps to move the conversation along if we (the reader) know who you (the writer) is.
• Here are some tips and guidelines for speakers.
• If you criticize something, provide references. Be prepared to back up what you say with concrete examples.
• All content on this wiki must be OK for use in public schools or academic settings. If you see something that isn't, please remove it.
• While this is a collaborative effort, I take responsibility for this content. But I need your help; please fix errors or report old links (my contact information is located at the bottom of the page).

This wiki was originally developed for members of a Fall 2007 NYU class on the Design of Children's Interactive Media NYU ITP so you'll see links to student blogs, class notes and some projects. It is also the online companion to the Dust or Magic Institute on the Design of Children's Interactive Media.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this space. Technology really can empower children, and it is a fun time to explore this potential together.
2008 Group Shot

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